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Aaron Widera is the author of Aaron Widera’s Netflix Blog at http://aaronwidera.wordpress.com . Aaron Widera's love for movies began with his discovery of Star Wars at an early age. He soon became obsessed with other movies, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Jaws, and The Breakfast Club,among many others. Aaron also loved watching Bugsy Malone as a kid, watching it every time it came on Channel 13.

Aaron Widera's teen years saw him seeing fewer films because of the demands of school and having more of an interest in music and playing guitar. It also didn't help that at that time in the early 90's movies were still corny and clichéd in the way they were in the 1980's. Viewing Pulp Fiction in 1994 changed his perspective on the place of film in his life. He then became interested in movies again, searching out movies that had more of an independent feel rather than the blockbuster appeal. He saw Shawshank Redemption, Trainspotting, The Usual Suspects, Fargo, and Sling Blade shortly thereafter, enjoying the special medium of film.

Aaron Widera's shift from obsessing about music to obsessing about movies was made quicker by finding his first post-college job at Rysher Entertainment. Rysher briefly attempted to make movies, producing Primal Fear, Turbulence, and Howard Stern’s Private Parts. Most of these films were duds and the company didn’t stay in business much longer after Aaron’s arrival. But at Rysher, everyone discussed movies, had strong opinions about them, and it made him want to see everything that was in theater. He even saw Patch Adams in the theater when he was at his worst. Aaron Widera needed to be able to say why it was crap, and thus a true movie critic (and sadomasochist) was born. His job at Rysher coincided with the rise of www.imdb.com, and if you view his ratings, you can see he has rated nearly 4000 movies on IMDB. 

Aaron collected DVDs and BluRays during their time, but now he appreciates Netflix streaming as much as every other Netflix customer does. He still receives DVDs in the mail from Netflix, but he and his wife will typically search for something to watch on streaming while the DVD will sit there for a few weeks. 

Aaron Widera looks forward to making his Top 100 movies of all time list. He’s not sure that Star Wars will make the cut, but he’s pretty sure The Empire Strikes Back will be. Other shoo-ins include Vertigo, Rosemary’s Baby, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Godfather, Godfather Part II, Pulp Fiction, Cinema Paradiso, and The Thing. 

Look for this list at Listal and other lists on his blog at  Wordpress

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